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The loan modification process typically takes 30 to 90 days, depending mostly on your lender and your ability to efficiently work through the process with your attorney or other loan modification representative.  We use a state of the art system here at DHLM, Inc.  The LoanPost is a mitigation software that enables us to provide a high leavel standard to all our Files.  Keeps and manages all documentation coorespondace between us and your Lender/Servicer.

protecting your assets

Applying for a loan modification does not mean that the foreclosure process will immediately stop. Therefore, you cannot usually apply for a loan modification days before the foreclosure sale date. It is, however, evident that a loan modification can indeed prevent a foreclosure.  The application of a modification application can sometimes give a customer another chance before a sale date to get reviewed for all loss mitigation options including Loan Modification.


If your mortgage is taking too big of a bite out of your budget, you’re not alone. On average, mortgage debt makes up about 69 percent of total household debt in the country — more than any other type of debt combined, according to the Federal Reserve Bank of New York’s quarterly report on household debt and credit.

If your budget is straining under the weight of your mortgage, you might be able to find some relief. Fortunately, you do have options to lower your monthly mortgage payments. However, the path you take to get those lower payments will depend on your financial situation.

help with 2nd mortgage

If your first mortgage was permanently modified under the Home Affordable Modification Program (HAMP) and you also have a second mortgage, you may qualify for a modification or principal reduction on your second mortgage under 2MP. ... you have not missed three consecutive monthly payments on your HAMP modification. Many 2nd leins can be withdrawn or forgiven if the servicer has mitigating circumstaces.  This is not guarranteed for all 2nd Liens/loans but there are some that will qualify.


Most likely, the bank or financial institution that gave you your mortgage sold it, and now a mortgage servicer manages your loan. If you haven’t missed a payment already, the loan servicer might be willing to push back your mortgage due date to give you more time to make a payment.

You might even be able to negotiate a modification to your loan before you get behind on your mortgage. You’ll need to provide documentation that proves you’re struggling financially and can’t afford your current payments.

Get help from counselors

You can get help with modifying your mortgage for free from a Housing and Urban Development (HUD)-approved housing counseling agency.

These are experts who have helped out hundreds of homeowners in similar circumstances. They have the expertise and knowledge to give you an honest assessment of your situation, outline your options and help ensure that if you do contact your mortgage servicer to seek a loan modification, your application doesn’t get lost,To find a HUD-approved counselor, visit MakingHomeAffordable.gov.