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Dream House Professional Services


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Christopher Hendrickson started this company with the hopes of using the expertise of a Loan Officer along with Short Sale experience in an under-water marketplace to better serve the community.  It developed over time into something built to protect and supply homeowners with the resources and knowledge to succeed in their respective home loan goals. 

In 2007, as the market began its downward spiral, Chris focused on A-Paper lending as a secure and stable backbone to work with.  As lenders began to fold, he began to look into the possibilities of reworking someones existing mortgage.  This was versus the normal "Refinancing the loan" approach which was the cause for most of the mayhem.  Property values plummeted and enabled homeowners who received these "Bad Loans" to either sell for less than owed or keep their property and "Modify" the original note.  We then focused solely on that negotiation process.  We were taken back by the amount of Homeowners in need of this service along with the great results.  Success would come in the form of extremely low interest rates(often 2%) and low short sale approvals.  This led to the boom of our business. We then put our resources strictly into helping homeowners who were facing these unfortunate times.

As our client base grew, our team did as well. Legal Professionals came on board to advise, as well as many high level processors and underwriters gave us organization.  This assistance made it possible to grow into a safety net for Homeowners on Long Island and in the five boroughs.


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